Mythes et Symboles du cheval

1996,Office des Nations Unies, Genève




In his generation, he is extraordinary, he knows how avoiding all pictorial extravagance, poster of a new disappearing era of helplessness under the sign of sterility.

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L’arc en ciel du silence

2008, Villefranche-Sur-Mer




Be as one with the divine creation. Take a droplet from the ocean. We begin again with the dawn of time.

God does not work this way one day and differently the next.

My droplet of water I have no doubt will, with timeless ebb and flow speak to me of the universe

Wait and watch

Who can foresee, recount, this water droplet ’s story?

Plant or animal, animal or plant, which was the first to come to be?

Was this droplet, the melting pot, the ancient wanderer which, in its tumultuous fury became the catalyst? beget throughout the ages, the polypus, coral and pearl, perhaps to bring forth in ten thousand years the noble insect? This droplet, what will it herald, will it be the vegetal stem, the soft silky down which cannot be considered as a being, and which already is simply only a thread of hair from a young goddesses first born child, a thread so fine and loving , it can only be called: maidenhair?

This is no mere fable, but the true story of nature.

This thread, made up of two natural sources (vegetal and animal) which engorge the water droplet, this is the cradle of life.

Text Jules Michelet. La mer, 1861
Translation by Rowena Fuller, Dr. of Arts (U.S.), M.A., B.A. (Hons), TOEFL (U.K.), Dip. Ed (Cymru)